ESPN Winter X-Games Snowboarding 2002

A little too late to tie in with the 2002 Winter Olympics, the Xbox version of Konami’s ESPN-based snowboarding game is pretty much a port of the previously released PS2 game with a couple of added extras. With the Xbox already having quite an abundance of snowboard games, despite its infancy, one wouldn’t have thought another would be warmly welcomed, but ESPN Winter X Games Snowboarding offers real X Games athletes, real X Games events and true ESPN presentation throughout. So it may not receive such a ‘cold’ reception after all (did you see what I did there? Snow? Cold? Oh well, whatever, never mind). The game has quite a lot to offer, with around 30 courses to master, 13 professional snowboarders and an ample selection of bonus features, such as films of the real life boarders in action. The various game modes feature X Games mode, Free Ride and ‘Create-a-rider’. Features Real X Games events: Superpipe, SlopeStyle, Big Air and Boarder X 13 real life X Games competitors Three different gameplay modes: Free Ride, Create-a-Rider, X Games Authentic ESPN X Games TV style presentation Soundtrack featuring Static-X, Offspring, 311, The Damned, Vandals, Oleander and more. Overall, the game offers a great deal to do and it’s generally well put together. Visuals are appealing with respectable draw distances and some great lighting enhancing the proceedings. Despite all the other Snowboard titles on Microsoft’s fledgling platform, ESPN offers enough depth and longevity to make it a strong contender for a place in your DVD rack.

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